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The Fiido D4S Vive Edition is an upgraded and improved version of the best all-rounder folding e-bike. Unlike the standard D4S, this bike comes fitted with semi-hydraulic disc brakes for stronger braking performance and a custom-built rear wheel with strengthened Sapim spokes.

Vive Scooters UK is an authorised dealer for Fiido in the United Kingdom.

Semi-Hydraulic Brakes

The Vive Edition is fitted with hybrid hydraulic brakes callipers. These require minimal servicing and provide great stopping power. High-performance pads are also installed to minimise noise and give you the confidence of a safe stop every time.

fiido d4s vive edition

Strengthened Spokes

This bike comes with rear-wheel spokes stronger than those found on any e-bike of this price range. We custom build the rear wheel using UK industry-leading Sapim spokes and nipples which are stronger and more durable than the standard D4S spokes. This results in less flex and a more stable ride ready take on UK streets and the challenges they bring such as potholes and curbs. This bike is also more suited to heavier riders and those with more sporty riding styles. The D4S Vive Edition is set up to handle the demand of its large high-torque motor in every situation. This modification is essential for using the bike de-restricted. 

sapim d4s vive edition

More Pedal Options

When ordering the D4S Vive Edition, you can choose from various pedal options, including Fiido folding pedals and more premium Promend studed aluminium pedals. These pedals come with triple high-quality bearings for smooth riding. The Promend PD-R67Q Quick Release pedals can be quickly detached from the bike for easier storage and transport.

fiido d4s vive edition promend pedals

Free Phone Holder and Mudguards With Every Bike

Get a free premium mobile phone holder and a set of original Fiido mudguards with every Vive Edition e-bike.

free phone holder

Fiido D4S - The Best All-Rounder 

The D4S has a compact and ultra-portable folding frame with rear suspension makes it suitable for daily commuting and long weekend rides. The D4S weighs 17.5kg and provides up to 50 miles of riding range in moped mode (pedal assist). The handlebar and saddle heights are also easily adjustable.

Superior Motor

Equipped with a 250W motor, the D4S is not short of power and packs punchy acceleration with a top speed of 15.5mph. This bike can also be de-restricted to allow a top speed of 24mph.

Built-in Battery

The integrated battery resides within the frame of the bike for a sleek and clean look.

Three Distinctive Modes

Pure Electric Mode | Cyclic Mode | Power Assist Mode

Power Efficient Battery

A 10.4Ah lithium battery enables a range of up to 50 miles (80km) in pedal-assist mode.

Foldable Design

The foldable design of the D4S makes it extremely portable. This bike can be folded in seconds and is ideal for travelling for urban commuting, shorter travels, daily errands, and more.

      Adjustable Seat and Handlebar

      A fully adjustable seat and handlebar allow users to adjust it to their preference. Thus, riders with different physiques can adjust the seat and the handlebar to their liking.

      Aluminum Alloy Chassis

      Built with premium-grade aluminium alloy materials for enhanced durability.

      Dual Disc Brakes

      High-quality dual disc brakes in the front and rear make this bike safe for riding in an urban environment.

      Shimano 6-speed 

      Equipped with Shimano 6-speed gears, you can cycle at different speeds. Take in the scenery and enjoy the ride with effortless performance.

      Legal Disclaimer

      You can ride an electric bike in the UK if you’re 14 or over, as long as it meets certain requirements. Bikes that do not meet these requirements are not allowed to be ridden on UK roads, cycle paths or footpaths.
      We are unable to comment on the enforcement of these rules nor offer legal advice. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of electric bicycle products purchased from this website.

      More information on UK electric bike rules can be found on the website.


      Important Notice

      With the exception of "Click & Collect" and "Same Day Delivery" orders, this bike will be delivered packaged in a box.
      There is a possibility that you may need to make minor mechanical adjustments such as aligning the brake callipers and handlebars. You will also need to attach the pedals. All of the required tools and instructions are included in the box. If you are not comfortable with making such adjustments, you can take the bike to be serviced at a local bike shop, or opt for the "Click & Collect" or "Same Day Delivery" options at checkout if you are local to our London store.

      • Works related to adjustment and assembly are not covered under the warranty.
      • Please read the manual and observe the safety information included before riding the bike.



      • Brand: FIIDO
      • Model: D4S
      • Colour: Black or White


      • Power Assist System: 3 gear power boost
      • Operating Temperature: -10-50Celsius
      • Maximum Speed: 25km/h / 15.5mph (38km/h / 23mph de-restricted)
      • Battery: Lion battery
      • Motor: 250W
      • Voltage: 36V Battery 10.4Ah
      • Charging time: 7 hours
      • Electric moped mode: 80km
      • Max speed: 25km/h
      • Working temperature: -10~50℃
      • Frame material: Aluminium alloy
      • Colour: Black/White
      • Max load: 120kg
      • Net weight 17.5kg(with battery)
      • Tire size: 20*1.75 inch Ebike
      • Size: 150cm*26cm*108cm
      • Folding size: 85cm*45cm*64cm

      Package Contents

      • 1 X FIIDO D4S Electric Bike
      • 1 X UK Charging Adapter
      • 1 X Kickstand
      • 1 X Screwdriver
      • 1 X Open spanner
      • 1 X Allen key
      • 1 X User Manual (English)


      This e-bike is covered by the Fiido Warranty Policy. You will need to register your warranty within 15 days from delivery of the product.

      fiido authorised dealer

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Ben Cawthorne
      It’s class

      These guys deserve 5*. There was a delay to the delivery but the bike if brilliant!

      Fantastic quality and performance for the price

      I bought a derestricted d4s Vive edition through my company's cycle to work scheme. I had been about to buy (and had tested) a far more expensive Mii-rider £1500 bike but some reviews online said "just save money and get a d4S". I watched some reviews and decided it seemed to fit my needs.

      Cycle to Work scheme slowed down the order process painfully, but it arrived Tuesday. Very easy to 'part assemble'; the free mudguards have no instructions but there was a tutorial on youtube so that was easy enough.

      Road test - I have tried the bike on the same route on both de-restricted and restricted speed and have some useful speed data from GPS app (not bike speedo):
      De-restricted: 22.7mph max on straight flat well surfaced road (impressive at 6'2 and 110kg)
      Restricted: 14.1mph on flat straight road (speedometer said 15mph and limiter kicked in - speedometers always overead)
      It's a very comfortable bike. It's not light and it's not impossibly heavy: weight is fine for jumping on and off bus or train and a flight of stairs but I would't want to carry it further.
      Shimano gears are accurate and a useful range for uphill/downhill
      Folding mechanism is stiff but intuitive. It doesnt fold as flat as a Brompton but wil work well for buses and trains or beside desk.
      Brakes (hydraulic on Vive edition) are SUPERB - great reliable stopping power.
      Build quality is high - feels reassuringly solid - no rattles or instability.
      Ride quality far better on the 20" inch wheels than on the Mii-rider 16". No suspension but comfy saddle absorbs jolts.

      Highly recommended as the best value for money fast, folding ebike.

      Its good but just a couple of points

      I bought the vive following a personal recommendation and having a quick go on one I was in love. I bought one for its folding feature, throttle control, height and overall geeky appearance.

      The motor gives good power but after about 5 minutes on an incline on max power with throttle whilst pedaling I got a burning rubber smell. When I resumed less vigorous riding it was fine. Vive said the burning smell wasn't normal or good but after monitoring it's fine so far. I've since used it about 8 times for the same journey albeit at a more sedate pace. I use the throttle to set off sometimes as the bike is geared very high and on an incline it can be a tough pedal as the motor doesn't kick in unless you've made about 2 complete revolutions with the pedals. I'm not sure if activates off of number of revolutions or if it just take 1.5 - 2 seconds from initial pedal to kick in. In addition when you stop pedaling it propels you forward for another 2-3 seconds which when negotiating traffic can become tricky as it almost shoves you into cars. You can counter this with your brakes
      This is where the throttle control comes in handy. Also having the bike in power setting 1 (rather than max 3) helps too as it doesnt propel you quite as much.

      Battery is okay. My ride has plenty of small hills/inclines and is about 2 miles. After about 8 miles at mainly power setting 1 (but flitting between 2, 3 and throttle as needed) the battery dips to about 65% but it's hard to say that with any certainty as the battery gauge is inaccurate. I'm not sure how much it is for a new one or how hard it is to fit a new one.

      I am 6'2" and the height suits me well. Not perfect but the best fit I've felt for my height.

      The speedometer only works in KM and wont display speed past 25kmph, not an issue, I'm just saying for accuracy.

      The gears needed adjusting via the gear adjuster needed altering to line the derailer up with the sprocket on assembly. The bike was supplied with Allen keys and screw driver to make adjustments although there were no instructions which made putting the mud guards on challenging.

      The bike operates fine in the rain but I bought some hand muff things from ebay for £6 to keep hands warm and protect the computer on it. I dont know how water proof it is and dont trust to find out.
      The bottom of the handle bar shaft is a water trap for rain. On appearance it should repel water but it doesnt. Ot draws it inside the frame to where a bolt is. If you ride in rain you'll need tissue to dry it out immediately after to avoid corrosion and I may even wack some grease in there.

      The front light is good but I'm not sure what happens when the bulb goes. I doubt fixing that is an easy task. It's got a dinky little horn which is great for comedy value but not as good as a bell. The sound it makes isn't piercing enough to penetrate through the noise of traffic to people in front and the control for the horn and light are integrated so you cant remove it without removing the other. The handle bars are quite full so no room for a bell. The bike came with a phone holder which I also struggle to fit on the handle bars but the phone holder itself seems decent and even fits the phone when I've my phone case on. (Samsung a7).

      I think that's about it. I imagine a cheaper version of this bike serves almost as good but this will save money on my commute.

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      We don't waste any time

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      Electric scooters are not to be used on UK cycle lanes, footpaths or roads. You can ride an electric bike in the UK if you’re 14 or over, as long as it meets certain requirements. Bikes that do not meet these requirements are not allowed to be ridden on UK roads, cycle paths or footpaths. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of electric scooter and electric bicycle products purchased from this website.
      Fiido D4S Vive Edition Folding Electric Bike
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