Xiaomi/Ninebot Warranty Policy

Our warranty is provided in strict accordance with The United Kingdom Sale of Goods Act (SOGA). This warranty is provided by Vive Retail Ltd. The warranty period begins from the date of delivery of the product. We do not include warranty booklets with our products.

All products purchased after 11/01/2020 must be registered for a warranty on this website (www.vivescooters.co.uk) within 15 days from delivery of the product for the warranty to be valid.

The service contents are as follows:

Parts Covered

Warranty Duration

Main controller board

In-wheel motor



2 years


Rear hub

Disc brake assembly

Front fork

Rotating parts of front fork tube

Brake cables




1 year


6 months


Product Type

Performance Faults

Electric Scooter/Bike

Motor cannot work under normal use conditions.

Controller fault under normal use conditions.

Charger fault under normal use conditions.

Battery fault under normal use conditions.

Abnormal deformation, breakage and other conditions that mean the scooter cannot be used normally under normal use conditions.


The following actions will void your warranty: 

  • Modification of the product.
  • Third-party electrical maintenance without authorisation.
  • Misuse, collision or user negligence.
  • Charging using accessories that are not correctly matched with the product.
  • Damage caused by force majeure events.
  • Submersion of the product in water.
  • Damaged caused by man-made reasons
  • Commercial use.

You will be unable to claim repair or replacement under warranty if:

  • The product has faults that are nonconforming to the performance faults stipulated in the Performance Faults table.
  • The product has faults that are conforming to the performance faults stipulated in the Performance Faults table caused by man-made reasons.

The following parts are not covered by warranty:

  • Inner tubes
  • Wearing parts such as tyres and brake pads
  • Cosmetic parts such as stickers and labels
  • Bell
  • Mud guard
  • Handlebar grip
  • Battery Cover
  • Foot pad
  • Charger port seal and rubber plug


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