What is Cyclescheme

Cyclescheme is the simple way to get a brand new bike, make huge savings (at least 25%!) and spread the cost. Join today in 4 easy steps.

Important Information:
1. A 10% fee applies to all Vive Scooters Cyclescheme orders. You will need to apply for your certificate at the current price of the bike + 10%. Don't worry, with savings of up to 42%, using Cyclescheme will still be more than worth it!

2. Only bicycles up to 250w are eligible for Cyclescheme.

How to Get Started

1. Choose your Cyclescheme package
Get the gear that suits your commute. Go for a bike, a bike and accessories, or just accessories – it’s your choice.

2. Submit your application
Once you’ve found your perfect commuter package, head to Cyclescheme and submit your request. You’ll need your unique employer code and the details of what you would like to hand. These will be sent to your employer for approval, and once approved you’ll receive your Cyclescheme certificate and Hire Agreement direct to your inbox.

3. Get your Cyclescheme package
It’s time to trade your certificate for your Cyclescheme package. Redeem the certificate at checkout and take advantage of home delivery or click and collect.

4. Transfer Ownership
After 12 months, Cyclescheme will transfer ownership to you for a small one-off fee. If your Cyclescheme package was under £500 you’ll pay just 3% of the original value, or for packages over £500 you’ll pay just 7%.

Cyclescheme FAQs

Read the answers to the most common questions about Cyclescheme here.

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