Fiido D21 Electric Bike Review: Just Another D11?

An honest review of the new Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike. The design improvements and how the bike feels to ride.

Last year in 2020, Fiido launched the D11 folding electric bike, and there was a lot to like about it. The D11 is an e-bike with premium features and an attractive design for an affordable price. Launched in October this year, the new Fiido D21 builds on the success of the D11, with subtle design improvements, better pedal assistance and a stylish new frame colour. Is this bike worth purchasing over the D11, or should you save some money and go for the older model?

Fiido d21 electric bike

The Fiido D21 was released alongside the new Fiido M21 fat tyre mountain bike. Both bikes are improvements of previous models with the main change being a new torque sensor instead of older pedal sensors. These new sensors provide smoother and more seamless power output from the motor for a safer and less intrusive riding experience.

My unboxing experience of the D21 was the same as that of the D11, but I was more eager to get it out of the box to see how much of the difference the torque sensor made to the bike. Upon inspecting the bike, it was clear that the battery hasn't visibly changed and is the same as it is in the D11, but most of the welds on the frame have all been smoothened out. Minor design touches like this make the difference between a cheap and premium bike, and the D21 pushes more towards the premium side. Fiido were definitely stepping in the right direction with this as the bike looks more refined and visibly pleasing than the D11.

fiido d21

The D21 now includes an additional rear light and reflector instead of just the single rear light built into the battery/seat post. There is also a new front reflector and yellow side reflectors on the spokes. I assume these are to meet EU regulations, but I wasted no time removing the side reflectors.

fiido d21

fiido d21

The LCD Display has been updated and now includes a USB port that you can use to charge your phone whilst riding, although no phone holder is included with the bike which would be nice to have. The old horn and light switches present on most of the Fiido bike range has been omitted from this bike. Instead, a short press of the power button switches on the lights and the horn has been replaced with a pretty standard no-thrills bell. As it's one less component that can go wrong, this is a drawback that I can live with.

fiido d21

fiido d21

Once I finished screwing on the pedals, tested the brakes and plugged in the battery, it was time to ride. I wasn't expecting the D21 to feel drastically different to the D11, but I did expect it to be better, and better is it. The pedal assist is very natural and is only active whilst pedalling. There is no noticeable lag or delay. If not for the quiet sound of the motor engaging, most of the time I wouldn't be able to tell when the motor is active or not. The result of all this is a lightweight feeling bicycle that is easy to ride.

The form factor and weight of this bike are near identical to the D11. It's lightweight and sleek. Although the handlebar height is not adjustable, I find it comfortable and just right for me with a height of 5'9 (175cm). The bike is designed to be compatible for riders between 5'0 to 6'5.

The D21's 250-watt motor is not particularly powerful compared to other e-bikes in Fiido's range, but works for what the D21 is. The bike does 15.5mph and has a claimed range of up to 60 miles in pedal-assist mode. As much as I desire more power, a bigger motor would likely increase the size and weight and also decrease the range of this bike.

fiido d21

The D21 is a great bike, but I think there is still room for improvement. There are parts of the bike where there is metal on metal contact when folded, making the paintwork vulnerable to scratches and chips. This is something I solved on my D11 with a roll of electrical tape. Unfortunately, I managed to chip some of the paint of the D21 whilst transporting it in the boot of my car for the first time. This is a minor issue that was present on the D11 and could have been improved for this bike. It would also have been nice for there to be a way of securing the battery in the frame, or locking the seat post clamp to prevent someone from walking off with the battery whilst the bike is locked outside, but this is something which has been fixed in the new Fiido X.

Would I recommend buying this bike over the D11? Yes, definitely.

Would I recommend D11 owners to upgrade to a D21? Not with any urgency. The Fiido X would be more worthwhile.

The Fiido D21 is currently on sale and available to purchase from Vive Scooters for £1038

*Edited 25th May 2022 to update sale price

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